Inkjet Cartridges FAQ

Answers to the most common questions concerning the use and range of our compatible and remanufactured cartridges. For additional information please visit

Brother B98Compatible inkjets:

Why does the Jet Tec compatible cartridge not look the same as the original branded cartridge?

You may notice the compatible cartridge varies in its design when compared to the original branded product. The Jet Tec compatible cartridge is different to avoid the intellectual property rights owned by the original equipment manufacturer. These changes will NOT affect the quality of the printout.

What should I do if my cartridge is “not recognised”?

On a number of compatible cartridges, this error message will appear when the ink has run out. If you have already used the cartridge, please replace as normal.

If you have inserted a new cartridge, follow these instructions.

  1. Carefully remove the cartridge from the carriage, being careful as the seal will be broken and ink may drip.
  2. Clean the chips on the cartridges with a soft dry cloth as any residue or finger prints will prevent these from being read by the printer.
  3. Reinsert the cartridges into the carriage and push them down very firmly. If they are not pushed down far enough, it will show the error message “cartridge not recognised”. This is simply because the chips are not connecting with the printer.

Remanufactured Inkjets:

What should I do if the ink cartridge warning light appears after installing a cartridge?
  1. Switch the printer off for 20 seconds and restart.
  2. If the light is still on after step 1, remove the affected cartridge, following the printer cartridge change instructions.
  3. Clean the face of the copper coloured electrical contacts with a piece of dry tissue and re-insert the affected cartridge.
What if my printout from my remanufactured cartridge is unsatisfactory?

Perform a cleaning cycle using your printer software. Refer to your printer manual for cleaning cycle instructions.

If the printout is imperfect after performing a cleaning cycle please follow the steps below.

  1. Take the cartridge out of the printer.
  2. Fold a pad of paper tissue and moisten with warm water.
  3. Place the paper tissue on a work surface and wipe the print-head exerting slight pressure.
  4. Replace the cartridges into the printer and print again.

If the printout is still unsatisfactory repeat steps 1-4.

Can I use an original branded cartridge once I have used a Jet Tec cartridge?

Yes. Our products will not affect the printer if you wish to switch back to an original; however we are confident that once you have tried our high quality, high value product you will see no reason to go back to using an original branded cartridge.

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