Refill Kits FAQ

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What printer cartridges can the refill kit be used on?

The Jet Tec refill kits are capable of filling over 750 different types of inkjet cartridge. Try the printer search to find your model and locate the instructions for it.

How much can I save?

Jet Tec refill kits can save you upto and over 100% over new ink cartridges.

Is the kit easy to use?

Yes very! The kit comes with a full set of instructions. If you’ve lost your instructions or aren’t sure which page applies to your printer then try the searching our database for the right instructions, and there is always the free Helpline 0800 0282 488 (Mon-Fri, 8.30am-5pm) if you are really stuck!

Will the refill ink be compatible with the ink left in my cartridge?

Yes, we have designed the ink to work in all types of ink cartridges, in fact we feel that you will see virtually no difference in performance and colour.

Are the colours the same as the original?

The colours are virtually the same as the original. Any difference can easily be adjusted in your printer software.

Why is it best to rest the cartridge in the printer before use?

Allowing the cartridge to rest enables the ink to migrate through the cartridge and into the printhead. It will also enable the ink to push clear any trapped pockets of air within the printhead.

Why would I need an Ink Level Resetter?

When refilling certain Epson® Inkjet Cartridges you will need to reset the chip located on the body of the cartridge to ensure that your print monitor recognises that the cartridge is full. If you are unsure if your cartridge will need an Ink Level Resetter to refill then check our compatibility list.

How do I use the Ink Level Resetter?

The instructions for using the Ink Level Resetter can be found here.

Do the cartridges perform the same as a ‘chipped’ cartridge?

Yes, exactly the same.

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